Leif will return!

By on February 28, 2017

Leif Andrée’s acclaimed performance Leif gets revival on May 16. The play is about Leif Andrée and is a story of class, punk, alcohol, theater, violence, politics and love. The show is the hardest and strangesthe had done, he said before the premiere. Now he wants to add:And the funniest.”

– It has been turbulent to say the least as a life journey through my own life and a deal with my past. But also a tribute to the people I love and those I loved that no longer exist, says Leif Andrée.

It is great fun to play this show. The contact with the audience is so important and special to this show. Now it will be a break, but I look forward to coming back!

Leif with script by Leif Andrée and Lucas Svensson, director Ole Anders Tandberg, was first performed November 2 (the premiere was postponed from October 21) and played until Friday February 24th. May 16 there will be a new play period to 10 June. Leif has been praised unanimously by critics.

Press Quotes

»The desire is inexorably. And we know that none other than Leif had been able to do this«

»He is a unique actor, one of our great« / DN

»So darn good«

»His deeply moving storyportrayed in an incredible engaging way« / Aftonbladet (Jan-Olov Andersson)

»Few can as Leif Andrée keep your attention for two and a half hours. It takes a very special presence, inviting without being insistent, naked without being exhibitionist «/ Aftonbladet (Claes Wahlin)

»One of the Swedish stage art’s most vivid personalities tell his life story«

“You may have thought that you did not want to hear about yet another male actor’s tough childhood and did not either before Leif Andrée begin to tell you.« / Expressen

»Andrée makes it so humorous, authentic and charming talented. It is brave, self-disclosure, and sometimes very painful testimonies he put forward from a world that raises debate on child poverty and class issues / SvD

Participates on the scene does also Susanna Risberg on electric guitar.


by Lucas Svensson and Leif Andrée

Revival May 16, 2017, Small Stage
Culture house city theater

Director: Ole Anders Tandberg

Scenography and costume: Maria Geber

Light: Jonathan Winbo

Mask: Ulrika Ritter
Participants: Leif Andrée

Participating musicians: Susanna Risberg

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