Leif Andrée makes Leif

By on October 5, 2016

This is the strangest job I’ve done” – Leif Andrée makes Leif. The newly written play Leif, about Leif Andrée, will premiere October 21 at the Culture City Theatre. Leif Andrée makes the role as himself. On stage, guitarist Susanna Risberg on electric guitar. Director Ole Anders Tandberg. Screenplay Leif Andrée and Lucas Svensson.

Here you have one that does not lay down to die.

Here you have one that fell, but got up. Here you have one which made noise, who sang, which was quiet, who live.

Leif is the story about Leif Andrée, a story about class, punk, alcohol, theater, violence, politics and love. A story about life, a class journey through a crumbling welfare state Sweden with one who constantly gets up again.

Leif Andrée (born 1958) is one of our absolute best loved actor. Last year he was awarded the Thalia Prize for his performance in Alexander MørkEidem set of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. And for many children, he will forever be Daidalos. He has made a number of major roles in the country’s main theaters. Here at the Culture City Theatre, we have seen him as Porthos in The Three Musketeers, as Baloo in The Jungle Book, as Jeppe in Jeppe in on the mountain, to name a few. He is also known from numerous television and film productions, including “Rabbit Man advent calendarPelle Svanslös, Santa Claus is the father to all children,” “If I turn around,” “Inspector Blubberand the series “Real people”.

Leif Andrée grew up in Stockholm but 16 years old, he fled to Sundsvall to get away from a home marked by alcohol and violence. In Sundsvall became swimming at the elite level and punk rock his rescue. The punk band that he played in was called Pizzoar. After some time, he returned to Stockholm and started with theater. The breakthrough came as an actor at the Theatre Galeasen which he co-founded 1983rd

– This is the strangest job I have done: I’ll play myself. It is with mixed emotions that I do this. It is very personal but I do not want to just be a fucking man who babble about my life, says Leif Andrée.

Music has played an important role in Leif Andrée lives in many ways and in the show there will be a lot of music. Involved in the scene does the guitarist Susanna Risberg on electric guitar.

– Music has helped me survive many times in life. And it was my big brother who took me to my first concert. It was not always so fun to hang out with my brother and his buddies when I was so small. But anyway, so music has been crucial for me and I based all my roles to music, says Leif Andrée.

Ole Anders Tandberg is a director of a number of critically acclaimed sets, most recently, The Birds (Royal Dramatic Theatre), My struggles (Cultural City Theatre) and Don Giovanni (Opera). Ole Anders Tandberg met Leif Andrée in 1987 when he saw him in the Sacrament on Theatre Galeasen. They have previously collaborated on several sets, such as Peer Gynt (National Theatre, 1995), Evil spirits and Jeppe on the mountain (the Stockholm City Theater, 2006 and 2011).

I’ve heard a lot of Leif’s stories. And what always strikes me is how death always been present in his life. Our lives are so short. Leif lives his life as a protest against death. If there is someone who could be immortal, it’s Leif Andrée. This piece is also a story about a time that is gone. A time where there was a different way of thinking, says Ole Anders Tandberg.

The play was initially under the title of “thanks and sorry.” This is because Leif Andrée always begins meetings and other contexts to apologize because he knows that he will do something or say something that he perhaps would not done or said.

The play of Leif Andrée is written by the playwright Lucas Svensson, who has been behind many of the recent years’ most talked about newly written plays, as Fatherland and Olof Palme – a play from Sweden to name a few.

Susanna Risberg (born 1990) is one of the nation’s premier guitarists of her generation and is often described as a rising star on the Swedish jazz scene. At age 24, she has already managed to be a soloist with several big bands and symphony orchestras, toured around the north, won Hagstrom scholarship twice and studied at the Royal College of Music, and Berklee, where she, among other things won the prestigiousJimi Hendrix Award ’11”. She plays with artists like Marit Bergman, her own group Susanna Risberg Trio. Henric De La Cour and Miriam Bryant. She has received numerous awards, most recently (2015) Jazzkatten as “Newcomer of the Year“. Susanna Risberg Trio’s critically acclaimed debut album came in 2013. This will be the first time she participates in a play.


by Lucas Svensson and Leif Andrée

Premiered October 21, 2016, Small Stage

Director: Ole Anders Tandberg

Sets and costumes: Maria Geber

Light: Jonathan Winbo

Mask: Ulrika Ritter

Participants: Leif Andrée

Participating musicians: Susanna Risberg

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