Legendary London brand Savile Row Eyewear team up with Stockholm based City Optik

By on May 21, 2019
C/O Savile Row Eyewear

After a thirty-year-long relationship, Stockholm based City Optik team up with Savile Row Eyewear for a collaborative eyewear collection called C/O Savile Row Eyewear.

The limited collection consists of two models; a round and a more rectangular design with a keyhole nose. The four colors are black, sea-brown, light pink and graphite gray. Colors are chosen to enhance the classic feel while still conveying today’s fashion sense. The sidepieces are made of 18K rolled gold. On the silver sidepieces, gold is plated with rhodium. The material on the front is a cotton-acetate from Italian Mazzucchelli. In total, there are 16 different variations.

The arches are manufactured entirely by hand in the small London factory, Algha Works, with machines that have been used for almost a hundred years. It takes about 120 separate operations and several days to make a single arc. The only thing that is completely machine-made is the cutting of the front shape. The sidepieces and hinges are made from a single metal wire, which is cut, pressed, shaped and bent by the old machines and by expert craftsmen.

“We are delighted to have created this collection, designed by us and made by one of the world’s most famous and respected eyewear manufacturers,” says Åsa Vikström, partner in City Optik. “Our common history started 30 years ago. City Optik’s customer number at Savile Row Eyewear is number 02! So we were one of the very first customers. When the idea to create a line of custom frames emerged, Savile Row Eyewear was naturally the preferred partner.

Savile Row Eyewear is a legendary eyewear manufacturer known for producing the iconic frames for Harry Potter and John Lennon, among many other famous spectacle wearers. It is the first time in the company’s history that a collaboration of this nature will take place. We are extremely happy and proud of the models – something we have dreamed of and managed to bring to fruition together with Savile Row Eyewear.”

The frames are available for sale cityoptik.se. City Optik is the industry-leading optician with many awards and nominations, not least the “Store of the Year” 2013 and 2018. Åsa Vikström at City Optik is an eyewear expert and runs the eyewhiz.se eyewear blog, writing trend chronicles for the magazine Optik.The store is located at Drottninggatan 80 in Stockholm

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