Lebanese guest play to Dansens Hus

By on January 22, 2019

Ali Chahrour is one of Lebanon’s few choreographers in contemporary dance. Now you finally have the chance to see him in Sweden. In the “Leilas death” he mixes the story of the old Shiite tradition with weepers, with contemporary dance and live music. The result is a poignant universal emotional storm that is both sad and life-affirming.

Ali Chahrour, the choreographer who opens doors to forgotten worlds. In “Leilas death”, we meet Leilas own destiny and history. A contemporary performance about the languishing Shiite tradition in southern Lebanon where the weepers help people in grief by socializing, dancing and singing.

Ali Chahrour lets Leilas fantastic song be interwoven with live music from the musicians Ali Hout and Abed Kobeissi. Ali supports the story by dancing Leilas, husband, brother and all the sons who died in war. A both sad and life-affirming expedition where religious rituals meet the present and become a vibrant, poignant universal emotional storm.

– As a child I was afraid of Leila for a long time because she represented death for me. The Shiite way of crying is not to sit still and cry, but it is more like a performance, where the whole body is involved. Very committed and present with both body and voice, says Ali Chahrour.

The performance is in Arabic but has English subtitles.

Ali Chahrour “Leilas Death”
January 30-31, 2019, Dansens Hus Big Stage

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm