Learn to climb trees or to go on a rope!

By on May 30, 2017

It’s never too late to be a beginner. Like learning to climb trees for example. Did you belong to those who did not do it as a child, you have a chance to learn under “organized forms” as an adult. For a series of outdoor courses, the Medborgarskolan in Stockholm has revived old and new leisure activities.

“There is a great interest in be more in the nature, and we have established this in the spring and early summer courses,” says Eva Levin, who are operational manager. “We are many who know that Sweden is fantastic in the summer. Now we want to get even more to discover the beautiful nature together with us! “

So this summer, the Medborgarskolan in Stockholm offers everything from beginners courses in kayaking to learning orientation and climbing trees. One has also invested in a creative summer week.

“The week after midsummer we have chosen to call” Stay in town “. It is a week we have filled with a variety of fun and creative courses, for both children and adults. For example, you can become a florist for one day, learn a new language or start your holiday playing in a band “, concludes Eva Levin.

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