Lasse Bergström 13 – 31 jan. 2018

By on January 8, 2018

Pots and bowls
Lars Bergström works with salt-glazed stoneware and works in Häggarp outside Karlshamn where he built a workshop and a furnace that is fireed with rapeseed oil. Salt glazing is one of the older art technologies for the manufacture of glazed stoneware in Europe. The technology originally came from Germany and has since the 1500s been used for the production of articles in stoneware. In Sweden, the technology has been used since the early 1800s in Höganäs, which until today had a large production of, among other things, jam jars.

For his exhibition at Kaolin, Lars Bergström has worked with pots and bowls, decorated with engobs and carved patterns that form the reliefs in the goods. His signum, the gilded edge, gives a refined expression to the otherwise raw surface. The art of salting is difficult to master, but the challenges and surprises it offers are part of the charm of Lars Bergström. Many years of experience and development of Central European tradition has now created a quality beyond the usual in his pottery.

Lars Bergström is one of Kaolin’s first members and has been in since the group started in 1978. He has performed several public assignments and is represented in both municipalities and county councils around Sweden. Over the years he has also received a number of scholarships from the Bildkonstnärfonden. Lars Bergström exhibited the latest on Kaolin 2014.

Welcome to Vernissage Saturday, January 13, at 11-16

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