Lars Norén back at the Royal Dramatic Theatre

By on February 25, 2017

Lars Norén is back at the Royal Dramatic Theatre as a director after nineteen years. This time with his new works Stilla Liv, which gets its first performance March 18 on the Elverket.

Stilla Liv is a play that takes place in what happens beyond words. The ensemble consists of twelve actors and as many children and young people. The ages of the participants ranges from seven to ninety years.

Lars Norén, born 1944, is one of Sweden’s most famous playwright. He has written about a hundred plays, many with the first performance at the Royal Dramatic Theatre the first was Fursteslickaren 1973. In recent years he has returned as a prose writer and poet, among other things with En dramatikers dagbok (2008 and 2013), Stoft (2016) and the recently released Efterlämnat.

In characters we see Erik Ehn, Nina Fex, Otto Hargne, Johan Holmberg, Inga Landgré, Lina Leandersson, Irene Lindh, Lars Lind, Sten Ljunggren, Per Mattsson, Eva Millberg, Marall Nasiri and children and adolescents (extras).

Stilla Liv, first performance March 18, Elverket

By: Lars Norén
Director: Lars Norén
Sets and costumes: Charles Koroly
Light: Mira Svanberg
Mask and Wig: Mimmi Lindell
Sound: Marcus Thurfjell

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