LARS JONSSON & KENT ULLBERG, Painting and Sculpture

By on March 30, 2017

1 June to 8 October 2017

Lars Jonsson, born 1952, is an artist, writer and ornithologist, and since 2002 an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Uppsala. In his art he depicts birds and their habitats, and has also published a number of books on bird life and nature. Lars Jonsson often work outdoors and painting the impression he sees in his telescope. Many watercolors, but also oil paintings, painted before the subject. In the studio he starts from his many sketchbooks where he collected thousands of studies and sketches of birds, landscapes, different lighting and composition sketches. Millesgården shows his paintings in oil and watercolor.

Kent Ullberg, born 1945är a Swedish-American sculptor. After studies at Konstfack, he left Sweden in the 1960s and lived in different parts of Europe and then in Botswana, where he worked as a counselor at the Botswana National Museum and Art Gallery. Today he lives and works in Texas and Colorado. Kent Ullberg depicting animals, often of monumental size and in the public environment. His works are found in many places around the world. At Alvik beach in Stockholm is the artwork Sea Wind, five meter high sculpture in stainless steel. Kent Ullbergs animal sculptures move temporarily into Millesgården, a place Ullberg often visited as a young artist because Milles sculptures inspired him through its monumentality and its contents.

Welcome to Millesgården, sculptor Carl Milles and artist Olga Milles artist’s home.
Millesgården is located on a slope at Lidingö in a terraced sculpture garden with fountains and flowerbeds, and with a sweeping view of Stockholm. Since 1936, when the artist’s home was handed over as a gift to the Swedish people, is  Millesgården driven
 as a foundation.

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