Lany returns to Sweden – with new songs!

By on July 28, 2018

Poptrion who has taken the whole world by storm comes back to Sweden for a long-awaited gig. With the EP “kinda” from 2016, monster hits like “ILYSB” in the luggage and the celebrated debut album “LANY” released almost exactly a year ago, it is now time for the dream trio to return to Sweden! The band’s second album will be released later this year and on October 17 we will see LANY live for an intimate show at Nalen Club in Stockholm.

The tickets were released yesterday, via

Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Gloss formed LANY 2014. The old school friends then worked together on a couple of songs Klein had written and in just a few days they had created a lot of items that were far too good to ignore – as trion then produced and recorded into their common Malibu apartment. The rest is history, as you say.

Los Angeles trion has had a huge impact and extremely many fans around the world. In 2017, trion tournamented around the world with their debut album in focus. In April 2018, in the Philippines they had their first arena concert ever where the tickets were sold out within 24 hours and a second concert night was added. LANY has about 3.5 million listeners a month on Spotify and is the most streamlined artist through the times in Spotify’s “Discover” feature. The band’s explosive career and success is now a fact.

After the band’s last amazing concert, debut album and new material at a time, we can hardly wait to see their concert at Nalen Club on October 17!

Concert Date
17/10 – Nalen Klubb, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm