Lagerhaus takes the concept of customer club to a new level

By on December 9, 2018

Lagerhaus takes the concept of customer club to a new level with the launch of the HOMIES club, an investment to Unified Commerce with the AI ​​driven CRM and Voyado campaign platform, Sitoo cash solution and Jetshop e-commerce platform. The purpose of HOMIES is to create seamless customer communications in all channels, enable and simplify deep-diving of customer data and, in particular, free up time for strategy and content creation to create a beautiful community.

With complete integration between the cloud-based systems Voyado, Jetshop and Sitoo, Lagerhaus can offer its customers a so-called Unified Commerce experience, where all physical store and e-commerce data is gathered in one place and updated in real time. Thus, Lagerhaus can now communicate with the right message to the right person at the right time in the correct channel. Thus, Lagerhaus creates a better experience for both end consumers and staff.

Lagerhaus has already been able to see, just a few weeks after launch, that the investment gave bearings. They have beaten recruitment forecast of new customers with full measure and have seen a positive visitor and sales index in stores and e-commerce since the last 24 months.

– Since the launch we have recruited 40,000 beautiful new HOMIES. We have got a clear indication of the purchasing behavior in our stores and e-commerce and also a better understanding of our target groups. We can now drive traffic from e-commerce to shops, and from shops to e-commerce – yes, both ways – to use the surface when we constantly update our digital marketing strategy, says Bradley Coyne, IT Manager at Lagerhaus.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets