Lagerhaus presents the collection TAKE IT SLOW

By on July 7, 2018

Autumn’s most cozy home has a cozy feel, with many things on the walls. The home is decorated with a lot of textiles and scented candles is given a new friend; frankincense.

– Forget “bright and fresh”, now we want a cozy home with colorful walls and furniture. Stuff your couch full of nice velvet pillows and fluffy fur and relax with a good book to the smell of frankincense. Take it slow..! says Therese Stråhle, who works as Design Manager at Lagerhaus.

The style mix at Lagehaus is clear this fall. A romantic skimmer blends with cool neon details. Photo printing adorns the walls along with the simple graphic.

– In the autumn we still see very large green plants in amples, pots, in the window and on the walls, and on plant stand and paintings. And then the cut flower is back. Genuine … like fake. Take it slow, Therese continues.

The collection TAKE IT SLOW is available from 23 August.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets