Konsthantverkarna: Upcoming member exhibition: DIALOG 5-30 / 5 2018

By on February 28, 2018
Konsthantverkarna: Upcoming member exhibition: DIALOG 5-30 / 5 2018

Member exhibition
Konsthantverkarna 5 – 30 May 2018
Dialogue – talk, exchange of views, conversation, communication, contact

The theme for Konsthantverkarnas annual spring exhibition is cooperation – Dialogue.

An exploratory mode of work.

What happens when we couple two people from different disciplines and who do not know each other?
Or who know each other well?
Where do you choose to start?

Of 26 participating members, 13 pairs have been formed. Each pair includes a metal artist who gets to meet an artist in ceramics, glass, wood, leather, textile or paper. The dialogues will consist of talks about art craftsmanship and the respective view of it to more concrete collaborations, that is to say they meet and do a work together.

The result is shown in the exhibition Dialogue 5-30 May. During the period, a program evening is also promised.

Contributing members:

Anna Atterling, metal and Calle Forsberg, ceramics
Kersti Biuw, ceramics and Anne Carlqvist, wood, paper, textile
Marie-Helene Bornhall, metal and Elisabeth Billander, ceramics
Inge Dahlgren, metal and Maria Cotelessa, ceramics
Jenny Edlund, metal and Matilda Kästel, glass
Niklas Ejve, metal and Anna Fjällbäck, textile
Mia Fkih Mabrouk, metal and Pernilla Svenre, textile
Catarina Hällzon, metal and Karl Gustav Jönsson, wood
Conni Hultberg, metal and Hans Ahnlund, wood
Caroline Lindholm, metal and Marje Taska, leather
Anne-Louise Messing, metal and Annett Florén, ceramics
Niki Ulfstedt, metal and Charlotta Eidenskog, ceramics
Pamela Wilson, metal and Kristine Thenman, ceramics

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