Konsthantverkarna: Upcoming exhibition: Åsa Pärson 2-20/2 2019

By on December 10, 2018

Åsa Pärson
“Temporary decor”, textile
2/2-20/2 2019

With a starting point in Japanese “scrolls”, Åsa Pärson has worked with textile surfaces and compositions in various kinds of rhythm in her new exhibition at Konsthantverkarna. The most valuable is framed by something valuable that is once again framed by some third very valuable.

The most valuable is complicated, requires concentration and full focus. The most valuable takes an ocean of time in itself. The most valuable reflects visits to Tokfuku-ji in Kyoto, Japan. The garden with an irregular crosshatching stone pavement.

At the same time, there are a series of studies of the weavings foundation, structures and material movement. Her body’s learning of complex tools and techniques. And her body’s understanding of rhythm, binary systems and deconstruction.

To this exhibition, Åsa Pärson has weaved in Kyoto, Japan, Florence, Italy and Stockholm, Sweden. The materials are silk, wool and rami.

Åsa Pärson is active in Stockholm. She has an MFA from Konstfack and studied various textile techniques, such as ikat, Shibori, jaqcuard weaving. She has worked with design assignments, in Sweden and abroad, and delivered fabrics to the National Museum’s new restaurant. Åsa was one of the winners of Swedish Book Art 2017 with “FABRICATE” a book about textile surfaces. She exhibits regularly in Sweden, and abroad, among others in Mexico, Japan, Finland, China. The last time on Konsthantverkarna was 2014.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Södermalm