Kobosil w/Anthony Linell, Jessie Granqvist, Damien Eie

By on June 28, 2019

With the occasion of celebrating 28 years of Stockholm Techno City and also pre-partying for Eat it Pride Queerteret, we are throwing a party in the open air club that became our summer headquarters: Kvarteret.

With this being said, we at Kvarteret and Dj Damien Eie want you to have the best summer feeling possible filled with good music, good people and above all with an awesome vibe.

For this reason, we have invited Kobosil (DE) on the 4th of July, for one night only at our headquarters.

Max Kobosil, born, raised and based in Berlin, discovered Techno when it emerged from sub culture into modernity. In a short period of time Kobosil left his mark on Berlin by filling a formerly blank space with subtly hypnotic synth sounds, monochromatic textures and ambient excursions, and especially the darker, more powerful variant of Techno. Through his own RK imprint or releases on MDR, Unterton and Ostgut Ton he has built himself a reputation as a producer with a clear focus on straightforward yet multi-faceted tracks. And of course he has proven himself being a versatile DJ (eventually becoming a resident at Berghain) by skillfully combining new Techno records with genre classics, some acid, indie and industrial tracks, while adding pressure to his expressive and emotive sets at the same time.

Besides Kobosil, we have also invited a very special guest who is already familiar to most techno lovers in Sweden and beyond; Anthony Linell.

Of course, our local legends Damien Eie and Jessie Granqvist are a must to make this night memorable.

  • Kobosil (R-Label Group, Ostgut Ton)
  • Anthony Linell (Northern Electronics)
  • Damien Eie (SRL/District4)
  • Jessie Granqvist (Esperanto)

Don´t miss Kobosil w/Anthony Linell, Jessie Granqvist, Damien Eie at Kvarteret on Thursday 4 July 2019.

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