Katia Colt 17.3 – 11.4 2018

By on March 16, 2018

Annual rings
Each piece of art is like a story from a memory where the sculpture gives the memory a clearer beginning and end. In between, you can create anything from the imagination or from reality.

A memory that for Katia Colt got to become a springboard and an inspiration for this exhibition was a summer camp in the former Soviet Union where she was sent as a 9-year-old without her parents. The memory of the trip is vague but the feeling of being alone in a different and foreign country is still alive and has affected her. It has made her think about how to create, fill out and rejuvenate her memories. As annual rings through life.

Katia Colt curls and gauges her works. The shape is created on pure intuition and the end result slowly grows by itself. Each ring is different thick and has its own character. The sculptures may look distant, but look closely at the touch of the hand and the influence on the rough and unpolished surface. Katia Colt works with fyle clay, a stoneware clay from Fyledalen in Skåne. To emphasize shifts in the form, she often uses several different glazes.

Katia Colt is educated at Konstfack, the line for ceramics and glass, and is active in Stockholm in the studio association G-Studion in Gustavsberg. Since 2015, she is one of Kaolin’s members.

Welcome to Vernissage tomorrow, Saturday 17 March, at. 11-16

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm