Katarina Taikon Prize 2016

By on October 5, 2016

This years Katarina Taikon Prize 2016 goes to human rights campaigner Hans Caldaras and the nonprofit organization Médecins in the world. Both rewarded for its solid work to strengthen and protect human rights in the city of Stockholm.

The prize was awarded during a ceremony in the City Hall on the anniversary of the first publication by Katarina Taikon book The gipsy” (3 October 1963). The prize winners share the prize sum of SEK 100 000.

A unanimous jury appointed Hans Caldaras and Médecins in the world for their tireless anti-racist work for human rights. We chose to appoint two nominees this year, an individual and an organization, to fight for a better world requires both collective action and individual forces. It is a great honor to award the prize to these outstanding award winners, says Sissela Nordling Blanco (Fi), chairman of the Human Rights Council.

The nomination for the price has been open to the public and lasted between May 16 and July 4. Over a hundred proposals have been received and a jury has selected who will win the prize.

Hans Caldaras rewarded with Katarina Taikon Prize in 2016 for his fight against racism, anti-Gypsyism and social injustice, and his extensive work with adult education. Hans Caldaras has since the 60s, when Katarina Taikon were with him in the fight for Roma Human Rights, pushed the right questions. Despite all the setbacks he has stubbornly and persistently continued to fight for Roma rights. Hans Caldaras continues to illuminate and enlighten us about Roma culture, history and continuing challenges.

Médecins in the world are rewarded with Katarina Taikon Prize in 2016 for their tireless struggle for human equality. A compound that helps those who need it most when the rest of society fails and as provide care and support to people regardless of legal status. They are, among other things receiving undocumented, refugees, victims of trafficking and vulnerable EU citizens. Médecins in the world helps in place – and the place is Sweden.

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