KarMa Art is back on Gallery Ulfsunda

By on November 11, 2016

After two fantastic exhibitions at Ulfsunda Castle is once again time for the artists Karin Holmström and Madeleine Santiago Elofsson, KarMa Art, to exhibit their art at Gallery Ulfsunda. The exhibition begins with an opening on 19 November.

Gallery Ulfsunda on Ulfsunda Slott, has for some years allowed promising artists exhibit their art at the castle. Each exhibition lasts for three months and started up with a vernissage. Here gets artists the opportunity to reach a wider audience that may not typically moves at galleries yet appreciate the good things in life.

We have long used art as a part of the interior, and through the various art exhibitions at Ulfsunda Slott, we want to showcase the artists we like, inspire our guests and provide unexpected experiences,” says Torbjörn Blomqvist, owner of Ulfsunda Slott and Stockholm Meeting Selection .

Both artists paints figurative, expressive with abstract elements and with expressions that reflect the viewer and all its emotions.

Karin has this year chosen to focus fulltime on the art and has been since the last exhibition had art with on TV4 Malou after ten and a large solo exhibition last spring of the hump in Stockholm. She has also been featured on a charity event and helped to donate a larger amount to try to save elephants from extinction.

Madeleine during the year exhibited art in Skåne and sold a lot of art to artist associations. She has also had time with an exhibition on Hägernäs strands gallery.

Vernissage 19 November at. 13:00 to 16:00

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