Kaah live at Berns

By on February 18, 2017

Kaah was not the first to make the Swedish soul. But he was the first to do it with a genuine starting point in hip-hop’s golden era and its record back digging funk and soul archeology.

With a unique sound, he paved the way for the Swedish future of soul and gave it an identity of its own. And almost twenty years after his debut, he has now become something of a godfather to today’s contemporary soul generation.

An album as the classic “Soul Rebel” was a “To pimp a butterfly” fifteen years before its time, with Kaah as a blue-yellow Kendrick Lamar, sprung from the Östgötaslätten’s easily unlikely funk and hip hop soil. And now he’s back.

Sunday, April 23, you will see Kaah live at Berns!

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