Justice has released their third album “Woman”

By on November 23, 2016

The duo‘s first album in five years includes ten new songs including the singles “Safe and Sound,” “Randy” and “Alakazam!”.

1. Safe And Sound
2. Pleasure
3. Alakazam!
4. Fire
5. Stop
6. Chorus
7. Randy
8. Heavy Metal
9. Love S.O.S
10. Close Call 

The Woman-trip begins with “Safe and Sound” which is the perfect fanfare of what is to come. Thereafter thrown from the R & B pop sound on “Pleasure” straight into the rush of Alakazam!”. Through “Fire” and the electronic piano lands you then, gasping for breath, in “Stop” – a shiny, bittersweet part of discopop that contains one of the best choruses that the duo has ever made. Morgan Phalen, as the duo collaborated with Audio, Video, Disco, add the vocal part on “Randy”. The ninth song from the album “Love S.O.S” sounds like one of the best disco anthems you may have heard. It is a perfect mixture of euphoria and heartache at the same time. The song reflects a “live” – approach to the actual recordings or at least that is how it sounds initially. Halfway through the album, the song Chorus” that shocks the listener from the concept of what you think the plate will promise next.

Titled by The Observer as “eradefining” in their 5-star review of the album Justice’s debut LP † met with worldwide recognition and became number 1 on the US Dance / Electronic Albums list. The sequel in 2011, their album Audio, Video, Disco where Justice expanded their distinctive sound by the contrasts from several of their musical influences.

Justice has been the headline performers on several venues and festivals around the world, which is also documented by their two live album, 2008’s ‘A Cross The Universe’ and 2013‘s ‘Access All Arenas’. Although Justice is well-known for their particular big stadium gigs has the duo this year could be experienced in smaller, more intimate and unexpected places in including London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and New York where all the tickets sold out in a matter of minutes.

The album’s illustration, with the iconic crucifix symbol, was created by Charlotte Delarue.16.

Listen to the album Woman here.

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