By on March 24, 2018

The small island of Jura is a few hours outside the mainland of Scotland, on the verge of another world. Maybe it’s not the easiest place to do whiskey, but we think it’s the best. Here is a road, a pub and a distillery – and an engaged community. In other words, we have everything we need to in peace and quiet be able to focus on what we do best: single malt whiskey.

Now our trip has taken a new turn. It has been time to show a new page of Jura by interweave our history with the present and the future. To mark the beginning of a new chapter, we have created a new house style for Jura Single Malt Whiskey. It is a style that reminds us of our past and is constantly looking towards a future that is shaped and enhanced by every step we take.

In the whiskey itself meets a subtle smokiness and sweetness in what is going to be our new signature. For the first time, we combine the traditional styles from the Highlands and the Scottish Islands into an incomparable whiskey.

We have renewed our house style with a series of five characteristic single malt whiskeys. The series takes us out on a trip that makes a stamp off in and reflects the elements that make Jura so unique.

We start with Journey, continuing with a 10-year-old and a 12-year-old Jura and travel to a whole new world with Seven Wood before joining an 18-year-old Jura. Each whiskey has been created to offer a new amazing taste experience, each in its unique way.

The nice and welcoming flavor combinations, from cinnamon, pear and pecan to dark forest and dark chocolate, deep into Jura’s mythical world.

– This is a really important step for Jura. Changing house style isn’t done in a trice, but we want to show where we are now and how strong we believe in Jura, the people who live here and our whiskey. Combining two whiskey styles is a rather unconventional grip, but we know it’s right for Jura. Now, we just long for people to taste and feel for themselves, says Graham Logan, distiller boss at Jura.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage