Junibacken want to arouse children’s interest in reading

By on January 28, 2017

On February 14, starts Junibacken a writing course for children between 10 and 12 years. During four occasions in spring gets the children to learn the basics of how to build a story and how to catch the reader’s interest with exciting environments and characters. The course includes creative writing exercises, inspiration from different kinds of texts and of conversation about texts in the group. Junibackens ambition is that in a playful learning arouse children’s desire to read and write. Writing course is done on test in the spring and is led by Louise Ragnartz.

We know that how to read and write develops the language and lays the foundation for both self-esteem and identity, and acts as a tool in all learning through life, something that we want to contribute to even more, says Björn Edlund, CEO of Junibacken.

Between the courses reads the children a selected novel. Those who want to write even more get volunteers writing exercises to continue with at home. On one of the occasions, the children visited by a writer who talks to the children about their own writing and how it is to be a writer.

Since a few months back we have our own educator in place to continue developing our offer for both children and adults. Writing class groups are an example of our ambition to arouse the desire with even more children to read and write and to experience how much fun it is to do it with others, says Björn Edlund.

During the spring semester are also arranged four lecture sessions for teachers in preschool, a writing class for parents with children who are not yet crawling, and a workshop on how a richer vocabulary at a young age creates a solid foundation for the child’s future reading comprehension.

To register for courses and offers see: www.junibacken.se

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