Jungfrulek with Robert Fux, Robin Keller and Åke Lundqvist in the roles

By on January 17, 2019
Carl Bengtsson

Richard Turpin sets up the Jean Genet cult play Jungfruleken about two maids whose play turns into something in totally different – murder. In the roles we see Robert Fux, Robin Keller and Åke Lundqvist. Dror Feiler has written music for the show. The performance is the first out in the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern’s collaboration with Teater Giljotin 2019. Premiere January 25, 2019 at Teater Giljotin.

Claire and Solange take turns to be “Madame”. They try her clothes, fantasize, judge. Plays that they submit to her will. They love to hate her.

Madame is their employer, Claire and Solange only her maids. Madame has everything – they themselves nothing.

They’re going to end Madame. Maybe with sleeping pills? They have already managed to get Madame’s lovers arrested by a letter to the police.

Without them noticing (or caring), they drive their play against the cliff.

French playwright Jean Genet wrote Jungfruleken from prison and gained inspiration from a real criminal case where two sisters murdered their employer. The play was premiered in Paris in 1947 and has since been played around the world.

– The play is about oppression, superordination and subordination, about social inequality and about class hatred. In the play we follow the two maids and how their dream of social revenge on “Madame” takes shape. First in the form of a game and eventually increasingly real, says director Richard Turpin.

In the set, Jens Genet’s original ending is used which has never before been played in Sweden and possibly not in any other set after the first performance.

In the roles of the sisters Claire and Solange we see Robert Fux and Robin Keller. The role of Madame is made by none other than Åke Lundqvist.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm