JumpYard Trampoline Park opens in Nacka Forum

By on September 27, 2019
Challenge yourself on JumpYard's Sky Rider

The Swedish trampoline park chain JumpYard expands further and opens a new park in Nacka Forum, Stockholm. JumpYard in Nacka Forum opened Thursday 26 September.

The JumpYard trampoline park opened the gates in expanded premises inside the Nacka Forum mall. The big attraction will be Sky Rider – the newly built, challenging cableway that runs in the roof above all trampolines. The ceiling has been raised in the mall to fit the requirements for a real trampoline park.

The JumpYard Nacka Forum has been built with the wishes of a wider audience. The range includes Sky Rider, Ninjabana, Clip ‘N Climb climbing, Valo Jump, VR room, Soft Parkour and great opportunities for companies and associations to gather larger, active groups.

The target group will match the Nacka Forum, where the visitors are mainly slightly older children and young people but also friends and colleagues who want to do something fun and active together. The park makes room for celebrations of various kinds and JumpYard has today become one of Sweden’s largest party fixers – over 30,000 children per year celebrate birthdays at JumpYard filled with play, action and movement.

“Our concept is constantly evolving and we are opening new parks with different exciting conditions, such as the JumpYard Nacka Forum where we were given the opportunity to really go all in on a variety of activities. Opening in the Nacka Forum is really a perfect match between our brands – where we make Stockholm a little more fun,” says Pelle Möller, CEO of JumpYard Concepts AB, which is itself committed to the health and well-being of children and young people.

The benefits of moving children and young people are well founded in research, and trampoline jumping is a very effective way to get rid of calories and release endorphins – you exercise and have fun at the same time. Not only that, you also train motor skills, balance and coordination in an unbeatable way by always using your whole body.

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