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Which of today’s Christmas traditions has been living since the Viking Age? What is actually a sacrificial feast? During the whole of December is Vikingaliv’s daily guided tours and the weekend’s children’s shows about how the Vikings drank jól, sacrificial feast and invited to a feast. In addition, all visitors enter two for the price of one throughout December and January.

Christmas lard or Viking horror? Christmas holidays on Vikingaliv December 26 – January 8

Christmas holiday on Vikingaliv include exciting shows, children’s theater and activities for children and adults alike.

Do you dare to meet Egil Skallagrimson? An exciting interactive children’s theater

Bad boy viking Egil Skallagrimsson has for some strange reason woken up in Vikingaliv. He is confused and dangerous and he and his messy gang need children’s help to return to the Viking Age.

– We believe a lot in personal meetings and now our visitors, both big and small, have a real chance to experience the Viking era in a fun and maybe a little scary way. The performance is a free interpretation of the Icelandic sagas of the feared Egil Skallagrimsson, but primarily thought to be entertaining. Our Egil is not so dangerous, says Anna Nisslert, Program Manager at Vikingaliv

The performance is recommended from 7 years, included in the entrance and is shown at 13:30 on 29/12 and 2-7 / 1. No need to be pre-booked.

Vikings The true story

HBO Nordics success series Vikings has attracted many interested in the Viking era. But what is actually true to reality? The popular view of Vikings – the true story that many visitors could enjoy during the late fall comes back in the Christmas season. The view is made by Tora Larsdotter Andersson, archaeologist and museum teacher at Vikingaliv.

– There are so many exciting characters in the series, Lagertha, Björn and Ragnar are just some of them. But they are actually based on Nordic stories as well as real people, maybe not so many people know. It is very awesome that we can present a guided tour on Vikingaliv now, says Tora Larsdotter Andersson, archaeologist and museum teacher.

In addition to the guided tour, Vikingaliv has a mini exhibition about several of the different characters from the series. In cooperation with HBO Nordic.

– Vikings is by far one of the most popular series with us, and we are so glad that Vikingaliv puts together this amazing exhibition, says Karin Larsdotter, PR Manager at HBO Nordic.

Vikings – The true story is shown 28/12 and 4/1, 11:30 in English and 14:30 in Swedish.
The display is included in the entrance fee and can be purchased at Vikingaliv.se/vikings or booked in the entrance in the amount of space.

Let the völvan predict your future

Curious about the New Year? Or how it will go with the lovelife? During Christmas, curious visitors will be able to ask questions to Vikingaliv’s völva, with the help of the magic runorna looking for answers.

Völvorna were the fortune-teller of the Viking era. They had contact with the gods and had a high status in society. It was to those they turned to to get advice and guidance for the future.

Völvan Linda Wåhlander is in the museum between 12 and 15 on 28/12 and 4/1.

Full program for Christmas holiday is found here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm