Joanna Günther 3 – 21 feb. 2018

By on February 5, 2018

Joanna Günther
3.2 – 21.2 2018
So last year / very much future

Pause, it started with a pause. Pause from pottery, pause from tight and sober, pause from usage production. Pause from always having an agenda. Pause from stoneware and break from cater for someone other than yourself. Joanna Günther wanted to take on her work way from a new angle and was inspired by her 3 year old daughter who lives and works out of curiosity and, above all, with a clear attitude to everything she does. Joanna Günther’s item does not need to be filled in. They can be just the way they are. Or they may be a vase. Or something else. Often the viewer wants to give the objects a clear function, which made her interested in how we load our words. Ingrained concepts are hard to beat. We know for example how a vase looks like and that’s not the way her objects are designed.

Joanna Günther works in white earthenware clay, colored with color body. The decor is marbled and inrolled. The working method is tactile; she rolls sausages of clay and makes rings she puts on top of each other, in a kind of ringling technique. In Gustavsberg’s old porcelain factory, where she has her workshop, renovations have been under way, and she has been able to take care of old colors and glazes that would otherwise have been thrown out. Her process is a journey of discovery and ongoing dialogue with the material. She mixes, dots and dye in the mud with the pigments, the stone crusher and other she found. Her intention is not to know exactly how something will be, that the excitement will always be there.

Joanna Günther is educated on Konstfack’s line for ceramics and glass. She graduated in 2008 and has since been active as a ceramist and designer. She is one of the founders of the Material Girls Group and during the Formex Fair in 2017, her vases were nominated for the Formidable award. Trendstefan calls the objects for “fulkeramik” and uses the vases in their trend lectures for 2018.


Stockholm Design Week
Welcome to mingle night – Thursday 8 Feb. 18-20
Joanna Günther is in place to show her exhibition

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm