Jessica Jäger gives out debut single

By on December 26, 2016

Jessica Jäger recording her first album – to tie together 10 years as a freelance singer at baptisms, weddings and funerals. As part of this came the single “Älskade barn” on digital media such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and others last week (20 December).

“Älskade barn” was written by the artist’s namesake, Jessica Olsson (from Österåker), as poem already 16 years ago. It was a baptism of her son, and it was read for the first time by herself at his baptism. Since then it has become a popular poem at baptism and naming. Andreas Kvick set music to the poem and then eventually it has become popular even as a song on baptism and naming. It was so Jessica Jäger came in contact with it.

After singing the song on the wishes of so many times over the years – and not least on their (!) Son’s baptism – amazed her that the song was not recorded and published other than in poetry and note format, and chose to do something about it . So, in collaboration with producer Mats Nilsson was the recording a reality in the studio out at Ingarö.

It feels fantastic to put out a song that is important for so many people. Yesterday I received for example a message from a close friend who wrote that it was so special about that song just came out December 20 – just the date three years ago she and her husband found out that they were expecting a daughter. A daughter who I am today is godmother to. These kinds of stories, there are any number of people. I am so grateful that, with music, to preserve memories and celebrate new people to life, says Jessica.
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