Jeremiah Terminator

By on March 28, 2017

JT LeRoy was the young author the genius with fluid gender identity who seduced and touched the whole world. With its supposedly autobiographical books about a hard upbringing, physical and sexual abuse, became the 20-year-old a literary rock star who was hailed by everyone from Bono to Courtney Love.

In Stockholm did the star a mythical visit in 2002. Everyone wanted to meet JT – hen that was our evidence that it actually can be such a thing as a happy ending. But the story of Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy would prove to be much more complicated than anyone could have imagined …

In the performance Jeremiah Terminator is woven documentary interviews with people from Stockholm queer community, together with a physical interpretation of JT Leroy’s various personas. It is an evocative piece of pop history about the identity and artistry, on the border between dreams and reality.

Participants on stage
Helena Sandström Cruz

By – Helena Sandström Cruz
Director eye – Isabel Cruz Liljegren
Lighting design and stage design – Josefin Hinders
Costume – Ulrika Sandström
Dramaturg – Malin Holgersson
Sound – Malin Holgersson

Premiere April 8, 2017
Kilen, Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre

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