Jenny Magnusson and Patrik Elgström create a meeting at Konstakademien

By on January 18, 2019

The exhibition scholars Jenny Magnusson and Patrik Elgström work with sculpture and photography respectively. January 19 at. 12 opens the exhibition Skymmer och ser, which is part of a series of exhibitions and collaborations on the central theme of both artistry – materiality, space and architecture. An examination of the viewer and the own movement in relation to place and things.

With the title Skymmer och ser, the artists want to demonstrate an activity that is linked to both works. Shadows can talk about something that is hidden. There meaning is behind the hidden. The lack of subject makes it ambiguous in all its simplicity – is it something that obscures, or someone? Purely by me myself? Looks talking about the desire to study, to pay attention to details. Relationship and cause. Into the material in the material. Seeing the meaning of what is before. Literally. For Jenny Magnusson and Patrik Elgström, the room is always the starting point for the works’ creation and presentation. The works are always made for the specific place where they interact in the meeting with architecture. The exhibited works always carry an individual story that meets in the room and something further arises. Author Fredrik Nyberg contributes with an ongoing text project that takes its point of departure in Skymmer och ser. It is a text that is written, which is rewritten and which is occasionally performed in the exhibition room.

In the exhibition Skymmer och ser, the artists want to try and see what happens in the encounter between the materiality of photography and the reality of the sculptures.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm