Jennie Jakobsson wins the Renewal of the Year

By on September 26, 2019

For the second year in a row, the Association for the Swedish Hemslöjd awards the Renewal of the Year. This year we have a winner and two honorary mentions, read more about the latter further down in this text. All three contribute in their unique way and with their skill to the development of the craft.

This year’s winners have a solid background as a clothing designer and finished their studies this spring at Handmade’s Friends in Stockholm. We say congratulations Jennie Jakobsson who received this year’s award for her thesis, the jacket Margot & Margot.

Congratulations, how does it feel?
– It feels fantastic! It’s a little hard to see the value of his own work sometimes, so this feels encouraging.

Why did you apply for our scholarship?
– I thought my work with lace stitching fit into the theme of renewal. It was both an old technique that got a renewed expression, but also in combination with a material that is not usually seen in conjunction with the lace. And the reuse potential of technology.

– It is easy to get tunnel vision and when you are working on a project and sometimes you wonder if there will be someone else who thinks the idea is good or nice. Then such an award is important. And to get other people, rooted in the craft field, a view of one’s work.

How do you want to proceed with your work? Can this help you move forward?
– I want to continue to develop and experiment with the technology. There are lots to try, other materials, mix materials, different threads, colors and pattern shapes, but also other types of products. I absolutely believe the award can help me move forward. This gives me a chance to reach out with my expression and myself as a textile craftsman. And hopefully it can also generate meetings with other skilled craftsmen.

This is your degree project, what do your plans for the future look like?
– I don’t really know what it will look like. I just know that I want to continue with the textile craft. I have just taken the step and resigned from the position as clothing designer I have had for the past 10 years and now work as a seamstress at HV-Ateljé. Going forward, I and the family are planning a move to Gotland where I will be able to have my own studio.

Honorable mention

Per Norén for his beautiful and deliciously processed shrink cans. The want factor also makes Per the Shop’s choice 2019.

“With skilful hands and poetic heart, Per Norén captures the soul of the wood in jars and ladles. With a willingness to share and committed the excellence of the craft, Per receives an honorable mention.

And for his talent and ability to carve works that are astonishing, his shrink can also be the shop’s choice. “

Julia Kalthoff because she delved into a craft tradition and with her pretty toe ax drives the veil forward.

“As an ax maker, Julia Kalthoff is a facilitator for contemporary craftsmen.

She works in a craft tradition and has deepened herself in the function of the ax, the result is a pretty and neat carve ax that we believe pushes the craft forward. For this work she gets our honorable mention. “

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