Jason Mraz

By on December 31, 2016

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz released his first album in 2002 – and has since seen its popularity to skyrocket. With his soulful, soul-influenced sound and positive messages have Jason Mraz become a household god with many and continues to attribute listeners worldwide.

We can now announce that the American star will take a break from album recordings in London to carry out an acoustic tour that stop in Stockholm for just over a month – January 13th at intimate Skandia stage at the Circus. Expect a mix of classic and brand new when Jason Mraz visiting Stockholm the first time since 2008.

Jason Mraz is the artist who danced into the hearts with the ukulele success ‘I’m Yours’ in 2008. Since then Mraz managed to issue two full length albums and work in writing on another in London. In addition to working with music Mraz is also philanthropist, and is known for his involvement in LGBT social movements and human rights. When the regime in Myanmar began admitting Western artists, he was, for example, the first to perform a gig in the country. With sold-out arenas like Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl in the back, it is a privilege to see this amazing acoustically in intimate Skandia scene. Begin the new year with an unforgettable evening in storytelling characters.

Jason Mraz himself greets the following about the upcoming appearance: “A visit to Stockholm is massively overdue, and I am excited to come play and bring some warm sounds into the winter in an intimate setting.”

Friday january 13, Skandiascenen (Cirkus), buy tickets here >>

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