JapanArty – (Neo)japonism – haiku battle

By on March 20, 2018

(Neo) japonism – haiku battle – Kimono club with DJ Moonileena.

A whole night at the museum for those who are curious about Japanese culture and would like to meet like-minded people. Bring your friends and come. Free admission!

Where: East Asian Museum, Stockholm
When: March 24, at. 15:30 – 22:00
No age limit
Free entrance

Are you one of those drawn to the Japanese culture?
You’re not alone! Interest for Japan has existed since the Middle Ages. In the middle of the 1500 century, the first westerners came to Japan. Since then, Japan’s interest has taken on different expressions.

Through JapanArty you will be able to meet other Japan-interested in a new program. Listen to talks, check out our Japanese collections, meet kimono fantasts, compete in haiku, watch anime or chilla a little with DJ Moonilena or buy food and drink from our Japanese mini serving.

JapanArty begins with a wide-ranging cultural-historical lecture with writer Marita Lindqvist and the East Asian museum’s Japan intendent Petra Holmberg.

During the second half of the 1800 century all Japanese became hot. In Sweden, Carl and Karin Larsson were among others enthusiastic collectors of Japanese art. The lecture lands in the 1900 century’s many popular cultural expressions for the interest of “the Japanese”. Today, many have sushi as favorite food, Hello Kitty and Pókemon are found in many everyday and cosplay-SM, ie dressing as a character from various popular media such as manga, anime, TV series, is shown on TV.

In connection with the lecture you can hear more about the exhibition – When Japan came to Värmland. Japonism at Rackstad artists 1880-1920. Patrik Steorn, museum director at Thielska Galleriet, tells more about the exhibition.

After the lecture you can follow on a viewing at the Museum’s Japan Exhibition, compete in Haiku Battle with the Swedish Haiku Society, check out anime, mingle with kimono fantasts or just dance to DJ Moonileena who plays soft japan pop. Japanese noodle salad, Japanese soda and Japanese snacks can be bought on site when you get hungry.

JapanArty is being conducted in cooperation with the Swedish Haikus Society and Oma333. The evening is hosted by Kimono de Jack Group in Stockholm, kimono expert Leili Mänder , who runs Instagram @yokai_vintage and @lagningsaktivists (influenced by Japanese repair tradition) and by Patrik Steorn, museum director at the Thielska Gallery in Stockholm, which in the spring shows the exhibition – When Japan came to Värmland. Japonism at Rackstad artists 1880-1920.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm