James Blunt The Afterlove Tour comes to Annexet

By on May 20, 2018

For the first time in a long time, the Swedish fans get the opportunity to see James Blunt in a more intimate setting.

With over 20 million albums sold, with platinum discs, sold out tours and five Grammy Award nominations, it’s easy to imagine that James Blunt’s career has been a single long, success. But the fact is that it was about to end before it even started.

After being discovered by songwriter Linda Perry at the South By Southwest show, James Blunt debuted with the single “High” and the album “Back To Bedlam” in October 2004. Hardly anyone cared. It was not until the three-piece “You’re Beautiful” was released just over half a year later as everything started.

“You’re Beautiful” peaked the lists in ten countries – including Sweden, England and the United States. With the help, the album “Back To Bedlam” rushed to the lists and became the best selling record in Britain in the twentieth century. Since then, the success has continued for James Blunt – every single disc he has released has sold platinum several times.

In March 2017, James Blunt released his fifth album “The Afterlove”, where he has collaborated with Ed Sheeran and Stephan Moccio (Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd). Like most Blunt has released, “The Afterlove” was also met by mild reviews. But what does it matter when millions of fans around the world took the disc straight to their hearts?

Or as Blunt himself spoke in one of his brilliant tweets: “Embarrassed to buy my new album? Mother’s Day could be the perfect cover … “

In 2017, James Blunt was introduced to a whole new audience. Through the collaboration with German houseproducer Robin Schulz, they celebrated the summer of the EDM generation with the anthem “OK”.

James Blunt The Afterlove Tour – Annexet Wednesday, May 23rd

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