Ivan Kamiyasu, ironwork, March 11 to 30

By on December 18, 2016

Everything is full of gods.”
(Thales of Miletus, ca.600 BC)

Everything is full of gods.” Is an exhibition in ironwork which is about man’s constant journey through time and space. Along with an eternal ballast of questions about where we came from and where we are headed.
With the ambition to unite the work of art form with the material’s internal forces, to be able to ignite a spark of life. The dynamics between the steel’s elasticity and fire resistance, between myth archetypal sounds and objects organic trace scanned image’s magic.

In his work starts Ivan from ironwork traditional technology and methods. Between the hammer and the anvil takes the glowing steel pieces shape, sometimes loaded with a deeper sense. The difficulty lies in finding the right combination of three-dimensional shape and dynamic structure.
Concretely revolves his art around stylized birds, calligraphic expression more than realistic form. “Old menin various poses, they are often included as parts in a larger work or work as independent objects. The ship is a central theme in Ivan’s sculptural work. With varying symbolic figures on board, they travel across the seas or through life. One of the figures is adoranten, adorant of higher powers. Often lets Ivan the tree of life, or a symbolic sun replacement mast and sail.

From the glowing iron
takes the shot shape.
In the dynamics between
steel’s elasticity,
the myth clang and
the object organic trace
conceals the magic.

Götgatan 63
116 21 Stockholm
Phone 08 641 66 08 www.gallerihantverket.se
Open: Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16, Sun 12-16

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