Italian dream composer Federico Albanese to the South Theater

By on July 20, 2018

Italian composer Federico Albanese makes a concert at the South Theater this fall. On November 7th he fills the South Theater with his atmospheric and dreamlike compositions – we long for it!

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Italian composer Federico Albanese started his career in the film industry, where he for several years worked with scenography on film recordings. The combination of being an active musician and working with movies and watching the effect that sound can bring to a picture, Federico became sure of his case. He would start composing cinematic soundscapes and put his personal touch on it.

The debut album “The Houseboat and the Moon” from 2014 has been described as “Pure gold” and “One of the most beautiful modern classical albums of the past years”.

The 2016 sequel, “The Blue Hour”, came through legendary Berlin Classics and the new label Neue Meister and Federico to venues and festivals around the world such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, SXSW and Womad Festival.

Right now, Federico Albanese is on tour with his third album “The Deep Sea”. The album’s production consists of classical piano, electric and acoustic bass guitars, floating and cinematographic sound recordings, and perhaps the most distinctive feature of Federico Albanese composership; the psychedelic and electronic elements.

”By The Deep Sea is a state of mind in which I find myself quite often. It’s a sort of meditation state, when I try to detach myself from the daily life. In this inner world there is space to get closer to our deepest thoughts, ideas, doubts, close enough to see them clearly, from the right distance, and being able to process them, exorcise them, translate them into something else. I’ve been working quite a lot on synths and arpeggiators, loops and effects to process the piano sound. It’s so beautiful to experiment and create layers underneath it. I wanted a feeling of evolution, something that could represent the idea of getting closer and closer to a deep state.” – Federico Albanese 

We look forward to welcoming the fall together with Federico Albanese at the South Theater on November 7th!

South Theater
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Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm