Is Europe breaking down?

By on November 3, 2018
Sören Vilks

The British dramatist Zinnie Harris loaded play HÅLLA ANDAN begins with a love meeting and then takes us on a nightmare trip through Europe that is collapsing. Lena Endre directs this drama where two sisters are at the center. Premiere at Målarsalen on January 19, 2019.

In the apocalyptic idea drama HÅLLA ANDAN from 2015, we meet Dana, who initiates a temporary relationship with a man. After a love night together, he offers her money in compensation she refuses to receive. The man does not care, he initiates a diabolical persuasion attempt for her to receive the money. Suddenly, Dana and her pregnant sister Jasmine are traveling through a Europe that is about to fall apart.

Zinnie Harris is often mentioned in the same context as Mark Ravenhill and Sarah Kane, two British dramatists with a penchant for daring and provocative stories in the direction that has been called “in-yer-face-theatre” since the 1990s. Zinnie Harris takes in her plays often starting point in the thought “what would happen if” and then she spins on that thread fully.

Question to Lena Endre: What attracts you with the play?

– I fell for HÅLLA ANDAN because it puts my finger on what I and many people talk about today – is Europe breaking apart? Are it the last convulsive attempts to save ourselves we see when we divide humanity into “we” and “them”. It’s an interesting thought – what happens with people in this part of the world if everything crashes? What will happen if everything is taken away from us?

HÅLLA ANDAN, premiere January 19, 2019, Målarsalen

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm