Irish super talent Eden to Stockholm!

By on November 15, 2017

EDEN is the Irish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist – who has taken the world by storm. The Dublin-based 21-year-old is now up to date with his upcoming debut album “Vertigo” (January 19) and a subsequent World Tour, starting in the US on March 1st. The extensive tour ends in Sweden on May 10th – at Debaser Strand in Stockholm!

Tickets will be released on Friday, November 17th, at 09.00 am via

Despite its young age, EDEN is already being skilled. Jonathon Ng, as he really called, was formerly known as The Eden Project, where the sound leaned more to traditional electronic music like drum ‘n bass and dubstep. Like The Eden Project, Jonathon releases 6 EPs and over 40 songs – like accumulated millions of streams and listenings.

But with the new name EDEN, there has also been a new sound. It’s electronic indiepop that is as unique and innovative as it is hailed. The last single “gold” is a good example of it, as earlier the single “start//end” with an associated (very fantastic) video – which EDEN himself is behind.

See the video here>>

About the upcoming album, EDEN himself says this:

“Even when I’m writing, I don’t feel like I’m actually creating anything. It’s more like I’m uncovering something that’s already there. Like how an archaeologist doesn’t create a fossil — they’re just finding it and uncovering it, and maybe rearranging it if it’s broken. Releasing this body of work is terrifying and exciting and overwhelming for me. A lot of it is so personal. This album is not a coming-of-age story, but it caused one.”

We have already received a very nice taste test of how the future sounds for EDEN, with the “I think you think too much of me” from 2015 (with the single “drugs” among others).

Now it’s exciting to follow the next step in the extreme talent and multi-disciplinary EDENs career. Something we invite everyone to witness, May 10th at Debaser Strand in Stockholm!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm