Invitation to the jury-rated Aquarelle Salon 2018

By on February 26, 2018

Painting aquarelle is popular and difficult, but the feeling is that more and more devote oneself to this noble art. Techniques are “wet in wet” and “wet on dry”. You do not really know where it takes the way when color and water are mixed. An practitioners may encounter many spoof. The result can be both surprising and exciting. The aquarelle painting has proud traditions here in the country. One only needs to remember about Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn and a contemporary inspirator is Lars Lerin. As a rule, no more than three works may be submitted, personally, by courier or by post.

Väsby Konsthall does not offer digital submission, so all works of art are judged based on the same conditions. Having the physical work in front of them is also appreciated by the jury members. Jacqueline Stare (Jury 2016) says in the Akvarellen No. 4 2017 “Everyone who has been a part of chosen artwork based on digital images – how good quality they might have – know what a difference it takes to work directly with the artwork.” This means a lot of work for Väsby Konsthall’s Friends, between 400-550 pieces are usually submitted to the Aquarelle Salon, of which 100-150 works are assumed. A work we are more than happy to do!

This year’s jury will be announced, the week before screening, at Väsby Konsthall’s website The jury also designates an alternatively two fellows awarded to Väsby Konsthall’s Aquarelle Scholarship (financed by VäsbyHem and Upplands Väsby Kommun) on the renovation day.

Warmly welcome to submit aquarelles to this year’s Aquarelle Salon! Väsby Konsthall’s Friends

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music, Väsby