International stars challenge the Swedish silver team

By on October 30, 2018
Roland Thunholm

Sports Manager Malin Baryard is ready with the majority of the international starting field in jumping to the Friends Arena. Two sharp Irishmen in the form of Bertram Allen and Cian O’Connor are among the selected.

– As usual, the strong international rider is in place, but one thing is sure and that is that the Swedish line-up has rarely been as strong as this year. It will be an even and tough battle for the victories and winning cars, says Baryard Johnsson.

Sweden International Horse Shows signum are limited high class starting areas. It’s really true of the jump where 18 top riders makes up in seven jump classes during the weekend.

Sport Manager Malin Baryard Johnsson is responsible for the invitations of international riders. And for the third consecutive year, Irish top rider Bertram Allen is in place.

– He loves Friends Arena and would love to come back this year. We will really try to give him a match about the cars, says Baryard Johnsson.

Bertram Allen has won no less than seven (!) Volkswagen cars in the last three years in the Friends Arena.

– This is a unique show. I’m so glad to come back, he says.

Six out of nine international riders are ready:

Bertram Allen IRL
Cian O’Connor IRL
Lauren Hough USA
Geir Gulliksen NOR
Nicola Philippaerts BEL
Olivier Philippaerts BEL

There are three riders left for the sports manager to take out. Ready since earlier is that Sweden is setting up with the best we have. On site in the Friends Arena is the entire Swedish silver team from the World Cup, Malin Baryard Johnsson herself, Peder Fredricson, Fredrik Jönsson and Henrik von Eckermann.

On-site are also the Belgian brothers Nicola and Olivier Philippaerts. They are in top form after a fall with World Cup finals, World Cup positions and victory for the Belgian team in the Nations Cup final in Barcelona.

– They love Stockholm and the Swedish audience. And they have a lot of self-confidence after all the successes. It’s also extra fun that Lauren Hough comes who is an extremely successful American who we don’t often get the chance to see in Sweden, says Baryard Johnsson.

The riders rides for not less than four Volkswagen cars and big prize money.

Prize money: 18 riders are riding for a total of approximately 2.5 million Swedish kronor.
Cars: The jumpers compete for four Volkswagen cars. It is Saturday’s 1.50 meter jumping Volkswagen Cup, this Sunday’s Swedish Grand Prix presented by H & M, Sunday evening’s Swedish Masters and a car to Best in Show in total.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm