International great stars to the stage art festival

By on August 30, 2017

International great stars to stage art festival focusing on sexuality and norm breaking

A `Smörgåsbord of Sin` – a spectacular, genderfu**ing, sparkling, delicate extravaganza with “the crème de la crème” of the world’s premier Burlesque stars!

Fräulein Frauke and John-Paul Bichard are proud to present The 7th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival! A stage art festival focusing on the queer friendly and feminist entertainment form ‘burlesk’ that literally oozes both vintage beauty, glitter and glamor as much as politics, norm issues and humor.

The festival will be held on the 13th and 14th of October, with two performances in two of Stockholm’s most beautiful premises: the golden vintage theater ‘Södra Teatern’, where the neo-burlesque in Sweden was “born” in the early 2000s, and the gilded 1930s ball – and the concert hall ‘Nalen’.

This year’s edition invites 34 acts from 14 different countries, in various styles like classical and neo burlesque, boylesque, circus, drag, dance, performance art, humor and cabaret. Artists come from, among others, Venezuela to the United States, from Slovenia to Australia.

“With the depressing political world situation at the moment, with dark forces taking over our public spaces, it feels more important than ever to stand as a counterweight to it, and produce a most up-to-date and clear political festival, embedded throughout its madness, glamor and easy-going humor,” says the producer Fräulein Frauke.

This year’s line-up has many explicit political stage art acts, with the superstars, the lesbian activist duo “Kitten ‘n Lou” as one of the biggest names. Lou just got the most prestigious award, titled “King of Boylesque” – and broke the glass roof to be the first Drag Kingen ever to win the prize, and the duo has also been voted the world’s No. 1. Burlesque Performer of ‘ 21st Century Burlesque ‘.

Other names is Chris Harder from NY, one of the world’s best boylesk stars, a touring artist with both burlesque and his “One Man (one Barbie)” show. Joe Black, one of Britain’s most sought after cabaret hosts will compere the show with his magical musicality and the whole line-up is a colorful delight for eyes and ears and will show a great breed within the genre.

It will also be offered live music, workshops, networking events and Octoberoberfest Tasseltwirl Championship – a month’s long collection for the Rosa Bandet campaign that culminates in the festival’s “Octbooberfest” gala event – a competition in “burlesksporten” number 1: To spin on breast tassels, as part of saturday night.

The 7th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival – 13th and 14th October, Södra Teatern & Nalen

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