Insta Moments with Instagram star Rami Hanna!

By on April 16, 2017

During this two-hour workshop, you will learn insider tips from one of Sweden’s best streetstyle photographers and instagrammers.

This course will be all about how to take the best picture until what apps you can use to maximize the image and your instagram flow.

During the course of the course you will learn how to do it and then immediately practice what you learned. Without revealing all the fun moments, we can tell that there will be a dynamic course with fun exercises and a lot of energy. You will even have the opportunity to see just YOUR picture on Fotografiska’s walls!

Some topics that Rami will address:

Which is the best portrait light?
How to get a perfect food image?
Where should you place your item when shooting still life?
How to think about composition? Dos and don’ts!
How do you get the best landscape image?
What apps can help me get the best results?
How should I think about my instagram flow to get many followers?

About Rami Hanna
Rami is a young, driven and successful photographer who works with customers like Gina Tricot, H&M, Damernas Värld, and Adidas and others.

Previous knowledge

None, we take care of you! All you need is a charged smartphone and an instagram account.

NOTE that the course insurance does not apply to this course as there is no practical opportunity to take back a missed opportunity.

Bring a friend and make this a whole night on Fotografiska. After the workshop, you have free entrance to Fotografiska’s exhibitions, so you can continue to meet and inspire.

Welcome! Do not forget to charge your mobile!

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