Innovative and sustainable when Beckman Students designing products to DesignTorget

By on February 24, 2017

From an idea to a finished product. In cooperation with DesignTorget form students at Beckmans College of Design has worked with small-scale production. The result is seven products in limited edition with sales starting yesterday at the Design Square store in the Culture House.

Vegetable growingRegrow

Did you know that many of the fruits and vegetables that you buy in the grocery store can grow back, only they is placed in water? Form student Madeleine Nelson has to DesignTorget designed Regrow, a position in stainless steel that can be placed on all types of glass and vases. Vegetables that can gaining new life and now a steady position to be in, for example, leeks, salad and lemon grass.

Scarf with environmentally friendly screen print

A Silk scarf is a scarf with graphic print of the form students Melinda Urbansdotter and Jennie Adén who developed a method of screen printing in the natural way with plant dyes. After many experiments with different berries and vegetables was the black rice that gave the result they were looking for. The graphic pattern, the text “A Silk Scarf violates the type of pattern usually associated with vegetable dyes.

Wallet Kind – a product with a focus on sustainability

Wallet Kind of Klara Hedengren and Ida Björses is a product where sustainability is the focus. The leather is naturally tanned leather from the Tärnsjö tannery which only use waste from the food industry and is marbled by hand with a new technology that Klara Hedengren and Ida Björses developed. The wallet is made within their project Kind design where the profit of the sale goes to people on the run by the organization We do what we can. Kind design also organizes workshops for young people which will enable them to contribute their creativity and commitment.

Consumption critical stool

The consumption critical stool Is there a heaven for jeans is designed by Anna Herrmann and Frida Pettersson The stool’s seat consists of used jeans and is constructed by a twine technology that they have developed together.

Interior detail that enhances objects

The pedestal UNIT by Lisa Lindh and Celine Strömbäck is an interior detail that in a new way enhances the subject and form a wholeness together with it. It can for example be used in a shelf, on a table or as an extra dimension to a window and is designed to stand on all sides.

Ceiling lamp that creates shadows

Smultron is a ceiling lamp in Swedish hand-blown glass by Sarah Hasselqvist and Lisa Jonsson. The lamp is designed with the vision to challenge traditional techniques and craftsmanship. By burning the wooden mold which the glass is blown in to long has the carbon’s structure formed a relief on the glass. Each lamp is therefore unique and creates its own shadow in the room.

Fragrance Oil

That scents are tied tightly to events, people and things, and that scents can throw you back to the memories got Hanna Stenström to develop a fragrance oil to DesignTorget. Her aroma perfume is a mixture of bergamot, rosewood and rosemary packaged in a ceramic bottle.

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