Innovation on the menu – restaurants in collaboration with Gather 2018

By on July 3, 2018

During the Gather Innovation Festival in Stockholm in September, Stockholm’s restaurants will also bring innovation to the menu. Gather 2018 will collaborate with Stockholm’s most prominent restaurants that will create brand new menus focusing on the meeting and conversation that occur when restaurant guests meet through common meals.

Different issues related to Gather’s five main themes and focus on future food will be the basis for dinners, lunches and breakfasts. The menus will be served throughout the festival week, September 10-15, 2018 and restaurants will receive bookings in August.

“In these times, we need to increase the power and focus of our conversations. Conversations and personal meetings are becoming increasingly important to understand and give focus on the increasingly complicated and fast-paced society in which we live. We all need help to talk and understand each other. Differences and criticisms are information and understanding of the difference is the approach of a future community. Therefore, Gather wants to help Stockholm residents to talk about past, present and future. This is best done by a good bite of food and drink” – says Jakob Grandin, founder of Gather.

“In Swedish Brasseries we know how valuable it is to meet over a meal. There are few occasions the conversation gets so honest and we are extremely proud to be able to contribute this forum for the participants at the Gather Festival. Seeing Riche, Teatergrillen, and Tavern Brillo being part of a local initiative with a global perspective could not feel more right” – says Fanny Sturén, Sustainability Manager at Svenska Brasserier.

Gather will also moderate dinners for his speakers at the various restaurants.

Contributing restaurants Innovation On the Menu from 10 to 15 September is:

  • Teatergrillen
  • Riche
  • Taverna Brillo
  • Häktet
  • Växthuset
  • The Fishery
  • Restaurant Volt

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