Indiska opens up a new concept store at Stureplan

By on May 7, 2018

On Saturday, May 19, India opens the doors to a new concept store at Kungsgatan 5 in Stockholm. The new store takes back parts of the Indian heritage and shows it in a brand new vintage.

The new store offers influences from all corners of the world with great focus on atmosphere and customer experience.

Fragrance, colors and patterns will inspire customers to feel at warmer latitudes. Interior and expression will bring customers closer to the Indian heritage, through Indian image motifs, colorful foundation wallpapers and interior details derived from an Oriental architectural tradition.

The environment is painted with few but expressive brush strokes; Enjoyable test room drapes in turmeric vvelvet, light blue sky and chess flooring are some of the details the customers will meet.

“It feels incredibly exciting to finally be able to present a new store. The store is designed according to our latest concept and symbolizes the new Indiska where we illuminate our legacy and history in a new way. I look forward to applying the new concept to more stores and can reveal that we open up another store in central Stockholm later this fall.”, says Eric Holmén, Sales Manager Indiska.

In addition to the new concept, the store will also provide home delivery via Urb-it and the ability to click home products via digital displays.

“We are very proud to open a new store where we can offer our customers what we want; a feeling of a warmer world. We have put a lot of focus on the atmosphere where smells and colors come in, as well as large beautiful test rooms. In addition, we continue our Omnichannel venture, which makes it possible to offer e-commerce directly in store. Here, the customer is given the opportunity to both know and try the goods so that they can easily order them in place”, says Karin Lindahl, CEO of Indiska.

The new Indiska store opens on Saturday May 19 at 10:00 on Kungsgatan 5, Stockholm, the store range consists of fashion, accessories and home furnishings.

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