Indie favorites Vita Bergen and VERO to Debaser Strand

By on September 28, 2019

2019 has been the most exciting year so far for indie favorites Vita Bergen. With gigs in New York, Los Angeles, Asia tour, release of the success single “Falcons”, it’s now time for Stockholm and Debaser Strand on Friday, October 4th.

With well over 100 gigs on the European indie scene, topped album lists, global collaborations with Google and Apple, P3 gold nomination and with international major festivals in the back, Vita Bergen with William Hellström in the lead has made the journey from the boy’s room to the indie scene far beyond the borders of Sweden.

It will be a busy year. In total, 4 singles will be released as well as an album. William will be joined on stage by the extremely talented Tuva Lodmark (for everyday front figure in the fantastic indie band Pale Honey), Josefin Eklund, Patrik Wennberg as well as childhood friend and drummer Gustaf Gunér. Prepare yourself at full speed!

VERO is the definition of a modern band. Taken together by the nightlife, they went from mixing disco, to starting a band and entering the rock scene.

Julia Boman, Amanda Eddestål and Clara Gyökeres have no drummer for the reason “an 808 is never late”, instead the band only works with guitar, bass and synth, which has given rise to their international special sound.

On the debut EP, VERO paves the way for a new vein in popular Swedish music. They are ruthless, innovative, bold – and show with integrity and humor why they are called Swedish pops Black sheep.

The opening track Dry Kisses is an 80s romantic marriage between Tears for Fears and Jesus & The Mary Chain, The Cure-pop Don’t Care / Die With You and Love Bark that can almost be described as a bad taste boogie performed by John Cooper Clarke while In Flames, it sounds as if New order and Patti Smith have dropped the set together on a rave.

Vita Bergen • VERO • Debaser Strand Friday 4th October 2019!

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