Imogen Heap is coming to Sweden!

By on June 21, 2018

Imogen Heap is the creative genius from London – mixing music styles and creating unique and innovative magic as soon as she releases new music. Nobody could have missed the super hit “Hide and Seek”? Heap is also actively working to create a sustainable future for other artists through Mycelia’s “Creative Passport”. To Sweden she comes with colleague Guy Sigsworth (Frou Frou) – Saturday 8 September!

Tickets are already available NOW for the concert – via

Imogen Heap is a creative stormwind that creates genre-crossing works where electronic elements meet dreamy alternative pop in a way that can not be described – or genre determining. The music speaks for itself. And she has created music, both herself and together with others, as in Frou Frou with Guy Sigsworth.

Heap is also involved in the exciting Mycelia project – a way for artists to spread their music while enhancing the contract for artists through blockchain technology. Heap’s project is described as follows: “Music makers are the connective tissue for the music industry. The Creative Passport is the digital container to hold verified profile information, IDs, acknowledgements, works, business partners and payment mechanisms, to help get music makers and their works, linked and open (data) for business.”

Imogen Heap is an exciting music soul that always tickles with all the projects she is involved in. Now we look forward to welcoming her to Sweden at the classic Göta Lejon in Stockholm Saturday 8 September (with her, she has Guy Sigsworth – Frou Frou !).

8/9 – Göta Lejon, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm