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By on April 1, 2017

Soup Theater’s big April premiere will be a colorful clash of cultures. A new play about Isaac Grünewald, about his marriage to Sigrid Hjertén – and the struggles he had to bring for his art, his Jewish identity and to be accepted as Swedish. First performance April 11, at. 12:00 Klara Soppteater, Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre.

Almost exactly a century ago stormed Isaac Grünewald in on the Swedish art scene with his colors, motifs and his great personality. He came to have a leading role in taking modernism to Sweden, a art movement that turned upside down on established concepts and conventions. It was despised by many, clean out hated.

Isaac had to put up with a lot. Taunts, ostracism and even beating, not only for his art, but also because he was a Jew, Sweden’s most famous, our country’s early Zlatan.

– I could identify with Isaac’s struggle to be accepted as both a Jew and Swedish in its duality. And getting Isaac up on a Swedish stage seemed natural. Finally! says playwright Marianne Goldman, whose father’s uncle was Isaac Grünewald.

This piece is the first in Sweden to put Isaac Grünewald in focus. A life in color, but also a life of conflict; then as now, it was unclear and debated who has the right to be Swedish. Equally dynamic complicated was his tender relationship with his wife and artist Sigrid Hjertén which he betrayed and supported alternately.

Hans Marklund is director and choreographer, and comes from the Hamburger Börs, where he was responsible for the show since 1987. Hans is now making its debut at the Soup Theater.

First performance April 11, 2017
at 12.00
Klara soup theater, Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre

Screenplay Marianne Goldman
Director and video Hans Marklund
Dramaturg Gunilla Boëthius
Scenography and costume Annsofi Nyberg
Props Anja Liedtke
Light Albin Flinkas
Music Fredrik Meyer

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