Idrissa Ndiaye, ceramic sculpture, April 22-May 4

By on February 27, 2017

A young artist from Senegal, whose artistic work is based on the woman.
The women are the ones who give birth to nations and carry traditions further. His work is about love, beauty, intelligence, and future. And especially the joy of life that gives us the power to live in a harmonious universe.

The women in Nder, northern Senegal
In Africa, and particularly the Senegalese culture plays masks still a big role in all aspects of life; Religion, poltik, culture and history … etc
Human beings are born and die, but the traditions and history of African communities remains and are transmitted from generation to generation. A long process that becomes realized and visualized by masks.

In addition, one of the biggest reasons for Idrissa as being an African artist, to deepen his artistry and find inspiration in the mythical world of the mask. Through his education and history has the masks given him a way to pay tribute to the independent and courageous women of the Nder, Senegal.

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