“I Wake Up” by Leia

By on June 14, 2018

I wake up
Beside gold
Is that a reality 
Is it a dream
It’s not that important
It’s a feeling
My hands are looking for
My hands find
There is nothing
I feel it
It’s gold
In some form
Of this precious metal
So invisible
So strange
Like it’s not there
Yet it is
Whose gold is washed out
Whose gold pays it
Not mine
My gold
Glimmering in a fantasy
In a world
I’m unsure
Like you
Just you
Not in
Must we understand our dream
Nod understandingly
Without a clue
In a story
We listened to
We did not hear
Where is your gold
They speak
They sing
So wonderfully strong
So deliberately weak
Oh, there you are
Oh, there is now
Oh, there I am
With a right
We carry
As we stated
Is a right
We never
Have a right to
Cheers brother
Hide your look sister
We are different
Where the door is locked
Birdsong continues
The bird gives a glance
An area is analyzed
A freedom
Going its way
With wings raised
Inside locked door
There is a human heart
In his faith
Over their ownership

Leia, Culture & Music | Poem