Hungry Wines – Wine + Food = True

By on March 25, 2017

Lovisa has always had a passionate interest in wine; family and friends could often be annoying when she would choose wines too carefully and perhaps too expensive in restaurants. During university when she studied Biotechnology, she traveled to India to work in the vineyard “Sula Wines” that grew so that it cracked and the growing Indian wine population. “I was impressed how they have taken a Canadian winemaker there, and in 10 years started to produce quality wines and not only the bulk for the Indian mass market. That was probably where my dream of making my own wine, and one day owning a vineyard took shape.”

“I do not know if you ever developed an expensive bottle of wine with dinner and then discover that it did not work out for the food? Or if you have been in the restaurant and been served something you do not really felt was a good choice, but could not send back the bottle?

It has atleast happened to me too many times. I have always had a passion for wine; Family and friends have often become annoying when I wanted to choose wines too closely (and perhaps too expensive) on restaurants. I have constantly been looking for better wine-selection for my food.”

“Finally one day I decided to do something about it. I decided to resign from a safe job at Arla, train me as a sommelier and get more knowledge and experience behind my wine-selection. I decided to create a brand and a range of wines that would help consumers to pair their meals with an optimal wine. A brand that would be simple, honest, and only include wines, I would like to drink myself. Finally, I wanted that the wines would be naturally produced in the greatest possible extent, and therefore kinder to the wine consumers and the environment.”

Hungry Wines is not about country of origin, tradition or grape. “Each of our wines has its own story, but what I want to highlight with every wine is what they should be drunk to. Through our website / blog will also be tips and advice on what not to eat to the wines, which are more than often it is around the main ingredient (for example, a mint jelly to the lamb) that is the culprit and ruining the experience.”

Why the wines has just the origin Hungary to to start with is thanks to the many jobs trips there when Lovisa discovered and fell in love with wine-and-food culture and the beautiful wine regions Tokaj and Villány. “I did not want to come up with even an French or Italian wine, but offer something different and come up with new, exciting wines and flavors to the Scandinavian market.”

By some first, reliable contacts made it possible to enter into partnership with a number of small wineries that are behind the first four wines that now been launched at Systembolaget order assortment. Lovisa promises much more: “In a year, the goal is to have a full range of “hungry wines” to many more occasions and dishes, this is just the start!”

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