Human Life Periods – Goal Setting at SEB Stureplan

By on January 13, 2019

How do you really know who you are and what you want in life? On the 17th of January, you are welcome to attend a 2h practical workshop whose purpose is to give you time and space to look into your interior to find answers to what you want to get out of this life.

The workshop will include several exercises where you can also find concrete goals that are linked to your values for this year!

In time we shall all find it Spirit

Who are we?
Carrus Network is an organisation with the mission to connect all ambitious youths around 16-24 years olds with each other who likes to network about how they and the world is moving forward with the technology. What do we do? We organize events with lectures and workshops to learn something from the greatest speakers in Stockholm about their topic which the attendees later get to discuss and network. Are you a curious mind who would like to meet people to talk big, discuss ideas, personal development and about how the world changes? Do you want to move forward in life and make a change in the world around you? – JOIN US!

Human Life Periods – Goal Setting will be held at SEB Stureplan Thursday 17th January 2019.

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